Visualize, share and annotate your large 3D images online

Upload your data and share links with collaborators for free.Fly along neurons or create segmentations, all from your browser.

webKnossos is open source and has been published in Nature Methods.


New: 10GB of storage for free accounts


webKnossos makes lives of researchers easier and enables global collaboration.

Scalable from giga- to petavoxel datasets

webKnossos scales seamlessly from smaller to the largest image datasets available. Support for 2D and 3D datasets with multiple channels.

Unique annotation modes for faster results

The unique “flight mode” enables very fast skeleton annotation of neurites. Efficient volume annotation tools accelerate training data generation and proof-reading.

Fast browsing no matter where you are

webKnossos storage and streaming technology provides fast browsing speeds to your work computer, home-office laptop and countryside tablet. 

Collaborate, securely

Your datasets are only accessible by you and your chosen collaborators. Once you are ready, publish them with a click of a button.

webKnossos in action

Explore remarkable datasets from the scientific community in webKnossos.Sign up to build upon the data and create your own annotations.

Your dataset is not in the list?We are happy to host selected public datasets on for free.Please contact us to get the dataset uploaded. 

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