Store, share, and annotate your biotech data

Effortlessly explore, annotate, and collaborate on microscopy data. Automate your workflows with Python.


WEBKNOSSOS for Biotechnology


Visualize massive datasets–from anywhere

Upload your 2D or 3D datasets to WEBKNOSSOS and access them from wherever you have an internet connection. Enjoy the fast browsing speeds of WEBKNOSSOS.
Proven image streaming for petabyte-sized data and beyond.

Example: EM data from Motta et al. 2019, segmentation by scalable minds

Securely share data with collaborators

Invite collaborators or annotators into your organization. Manage users in teams and set role-based dataset permissions.

Send token-protected links to outside collaborators or reviewers.

The data stays safe in WEBKNOSSOS: By default users are not allowed to download the data unless you enable it.


Automate workflows with Python

Use our free WEBKNOSSOS Python library to up/download datasets and annotations, work with WEBKNOSSOS datasets locally, and convert image stacks. The Python library seamlessly integrates WEBKNOSSOS into your existing data science workflows for training data generation, machine learning model training, and volumetric data visualization.
Read the documentation.

Analyze your data directly online

Take measurements within your data. Mark interesting locations or bounding boxes. Create segmentations with manual brush or trace tools. Visualize segmented objects as mesh through the integrated mesh generation.

Create skeleton annotations of neurons, measure their path lengths and organize these skeletons in hierarchical groups. Try out the unique flight mode for high-speed tracing of axons or dendrites.

Use the task/project system to manage annotation projects. If you don't have annotators, you can hire our annotation services directly through WEBKNOSSOS.

Example: Annotations and EM data from Schmidt et al. 2017


Interoperate with your favorite tools

Download your data and annotations from WEBKNOSSOS to work with them in other tools. WEBKNOSSOS supports standard formats (e.g. TIFF, STL, N5/ZARR, CSV) for exports.

Work with the webKnossos file formats in Python or MATLAB, with our open-source libraries. Learn more in the user documentation.

Looking for Automated Image Analysis?

Check out our image analysis services. Reconstruct rich information from microscopy images with machine learning-based tools. Automate tasks such as image alignment, registration, dense segmentation, and object detection.

Complete Workflow: Microscopy Data to Cell Segmentation with WEBKNOSSOS


Industry pricing

from 10.000€/year.
Discounts are available for start-ups. Contact sales for more information.